Sustainable Development Goals

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Honestly, i think all of the Sustainable Development Goals are good. But the one i think is the most important is the one about Quality Education. I think that is the most important because education is what we need to achieve more of the Sustainable Development goals.

The goal here is to ensure inclusive and quality education for all humans, and prmote lifelong learning. When people are able to get quality education more and more can get out of poverty. Education therefore helps to reduce inequalities and to reach gender equality. It also helps people everywhere in the world to live more healthy and sustainable lives.

The place in the world where people stuggle the most to have access to education is in Africa. And in Africa women and girls are the ones that have the most difficult access to education. In sub-Saharan Afica, Oceania and Western Asia, it is more difficult for girsl to enter both primary and secondary school.

My opinion of The Reluctant Fundamentalist

I liked the movie, because the movie contained more action. It wasn’t as slow as the book I feel. I feel like it happened more in the cafeteria in the movie than in the book. One downside with the movie in comparison to the book, is the relationship between Changez and Erica. It had a much smaller role in the movie, and in the book it has a big role and we get to know more about their relationship in the book.


The #MeToo campaign spread virally as a two-word hashtag used on social media in October 2017 to denounce sexual assault and harassment. Social activist and community organizer Tarana Burke created the phrase “Me Too” on the Myspace social network in 2006. On October 15, 2017 actress Alyssa Milano encouraged spreading the phrase as part of an awareness campaign.

The phrase had been used more than 200 000 times by October 15, and tweeted more than 500 000 times by October 16. On Facebook, the hashtag was used by more than 4,7 million people in 12 million posts during the first 24 hours. In addition to Hollywood, “Me Too” started discussion of sexual harassment and abuse in the music industry, sciences, academia and politics. Statehouses in California, Illinois, Oregon, and Rhode Island responded to allegations of sexual harassment surfaced by the campaign, and several women in politics spoke out about their experiences of sexual harassment, including United States Senators.



Question number 5: Do you agree with this summary of the film? Why/why not? Use examples from the film in your answer.

I agree with this summary of the film. In the summary it says “Gran Torino’s rich portrayal of cultural diversity and genuine dialogue combine to tell a noble story of how human relationships can evolve across cultural boundaries and lead to valuable personal realizations and fulfillment – even in the most trying circumstances”. The reason why I agree with this is because it sums up what happens throughout the entire film. Walt Kowalski went from not liking his new neighbors, to becoming very good friends with both Thao and Sue. At the end of the film Walt even sacrificed his life for Thao.

Question number 2: How do we see oppression of the Hmong people in this film? What has the film taught you about the Hmong people in the USA?

Some of the oppression of the Hmong people we see in this film are for example for Walt himself. He often calls them “swamp rats”, “gooks”, “jungle people” etc. In the film Sue says something like “Of the Hmong people here in America the girls go to college and the guys go to jail”. And as we saw, Spider, Sues and Thaos older cousin was a leader of a gang.


International Day

The goal of this project, of ODW and International day, is to get people to understand better how it is to live in poor countries. And to help the people that live and suffer in such countries. My tasks under this project was to stand outside two different rooms and tell people what the room was about. To get people to understand the problems in this world.


In the preparation process, we first chose two rooms to be in, the two I was about climate change and the lab. Then we worked in groups and made posters and got information about these rooms. We searched the internet and used the links that our teacher had posted on https://internationenglish.com.


I think that this day was really good. I think and hope people learned a lot of new information about the crisis that are around the world. I, myself, learned so many new things about the problems in poor countries. I learned the most about climate change, since that was the topic I chose, but I also learned about the other issues as well. I think that I did a good job, and helped people understand what they were going to do and what my rooms were about.